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We believe that activewear should free you to do what you want, move the way you want and help you look great while doing it.

Discovering this need for functional apparel and footwear you can live in and move in, we created 2GO Activewear three years ago. Our main desire as a homegrown, design centric brand was to cater to women and men across this country with specific hobbies and movement interests. To be the go-to brand for the ones who weren’t finding the range they wanted at price points and fits that worked.

With this in mind, we are building ourselves to be that one-stop option for everyone who wants to move.

Whether it’s your first ever run…

Training for a marathon…

Catching the first rays on your ride…

Spending weekends offline and on the turf…

Getting low and groovy…

Nailing that asana series…

The result is a brand, as passionate about activity as it is about activewear. You'll see it in our presence in marathons and cycling events. And you'll feel it in our fabric.

We constantly tinker with materials. Our go-dry sweat wicking tech ensures you don't get weighed down and is happily worn by recreationalists, endurance athletes and pro cyclists alike.

And that's why we do what we do – so you Find Your Rush. Because it's our Rush too! 

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