Why warm up is not the question, but what are apt stretches for the muscle groups to be trained is the answer.

Since it is normally a practice to train the whole body, below are recommended stretches to tweak up your warm up and be prepared for the strength session.

Dynamic warm up is preferable to simulate the movement and stimulate the neural response to enhance the efficiency of the movement. These warm up exercises are recommended for full body stretches rather than isolated muscle groups.

Figure 1 – start with a regular lunge and add the trunk rotation

Figure 2 – is a pectoral and deltoid stretch. Hand at right angle to the body and slightly roll the left shoulder out and right shoulder in to feel the stretch

Figure 3 – stand on one leg, pull on side and rotate the shoulders slightly

Figure 4 – rolling on your back like a rocking chair

Figure 5 – stretches the sides and the hamstring muscles

Figure 6 – activate the inner thigh muscles

Figure 7 – hamstring and hip flexor stretch on the ball. Slow controlled movement forward with the ball stable at a point

Ramji Srinivasan

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