Finishing up your run or gym session in a pool of sweat can sometimes feel gratifying. Yes, you gave it your all and feel primal but don’t sit around for long basking in the sweaty glory. It is essential to change out of your damp sportswear to prevent attracting bacteria which thrives on moisture and fuels odor. This obvious fact apart, changing into dry clothing within 15 to 20 minutes of your session can prevent the onslaught of skin problems such as rashes, yeast infections, athlete’s foot and acne.

While damp clothes alone may not get you the flu, stepping into a cool environment, coupled with low immunity, can trigger colds and flu.

Post workout, need to run errands? Catch up with friends? Make the quick pit stop someplace on your way home? Do yourself and those around you a huge favor and get into some dry apparel.

1. Preparation – Prepping the gym bag ahead of time helps. If you anticipate a very sweaty gym session, throw in a towel, extra t shirts, shorts, leggings or track bottoms and underwear. Ladies, change your damp sports bra. If you plan to wear the same running shoe, carry an extra pair of socks. In humid cities such as Mumbai and Chennai it is a good idea to lose the closed shoes and slip on a pair of flip flops

2. Showering – Taking a shower soon after your workout is the best way to stay hygienic and prevent infections. However, if this is not possible, a complete change of clothes followed by toweling off helps.

3. Shoe bag and laundry bag – There is nothing worse than going home and opening a bag of sweaty clothes and shoes. Carry a compact shoe bag and laundry bag so that the sweat smell is concealed temporarily and the whole bag is not afflicted! Air dry or sundry the shoe and laundry bags before stuffing them back in the gym bag.

4. Road runners – At least get out of the sweaty shirt. If you start running from near your home, that’s fine. If you run with company, try to change at the nearest friend’s place.