The festive season in India has traditionally been a time of indulgence. That's no reason, however, to lose track of your fitness goals. It's important to strike the right balance between celebrating the festival and maintaining your fitness levels.

Additionally, the festive season can bring about higher level of stress. Organizing get-together for family and friends, the finances involved and other factors can cause holiday stress.

So, how do you maintain your fitness level and deal with holiday stress during the festive season?

Keep the momentum going

It pays to be regular when it comes to fitness. Putting your fitness routine on hold during the festive season makes it harder to get back on track.

Instead, ensure that you continue your fitness routine through the festive season even if it is at a lower intensity.

Rework your schedule

Try scheduling your workout early in the morning if the festivities keep you busy through the day. Once you're done with your workout, you're ready for everything else.

Work out indoors

Diwali can pose a challenge to outdoor fitness activities with the resulting smoke in the air and litter on the roads. As an alternative, take up indoor workouts.

Here are some maintenance workouts that can be performed at home.

Jump rope

Jump ropes are inexpensive, fit easily into your bag and are great for cardiovascular fitness. With a session of 15-20 minutes, you strengthen your upper and lower body along with your core.

Circuit training

For a workout at home, circuit training does not require equipment other than an elevated surface like steps. Build your own sequence in a session of 20 minutes using different moves like the step-up, power skip, mountain climber and more. It engages your core and strengthens the arms, legs and back.

Strength training

To perform strength training at home, try bodyweight exercises like push-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, planks etc. Dumbbells and other equipment are not required. If you find these easy you can increase the level of difficulty through more reps per set or try harder variations.


Fight holiday stress with the calming effects of yoga. It serves as a good workout while helping you relax. Pay attention to your breathing as it helps discipline your core.

Consult your physical trainer/yoga instructor to formulate a home workout plan based on your fitness level.

The above videos are just demonstrations