Preparing for an early morning workout doesn’t really start in the morning.


Think about this. What if you had a very late night at work and hit the bed at 2 am? Does it still make sense to wake up at 4 am and go through training?


Here is a step by step account of how I prepare for my early morning workout-

Step 1

-          Ensure I get 7 hours of sleepIf I'm getting late to hit the bed, I will just snooze that alarm! My body needs that sleep more than the training.

Step 2

-     Be prepared (I admit I was a Girl Scout in school!)

I try and keep my clothes/gadgets out the previous night. You will annoy yourself and your family if you switch on the room lights at an ungodly hour, to look for your favorite watch or that perfect sports bra you want to train in.

Step 3

-    Pre-workout drink

I don't like to eat something solid or have whey early in the morning but like a typical Chennai person, I love a small cup of very strong filter coffee. I make sure my coffee filter is always rearing to go and a little dash of milk is boiled and kept ready.

Step 4

-    Warm up

Training early does have its advantages of giving me a longer work day etc. but one of the most important things is that I train almost as soon as am out of bed. My body and mind are not completely out of sleep mode yet and my joints might not be ready to train. Doing an extra-long warm up with some foam rolling and mobility drills before beginning the training not only helps me to get in a good workout but also keeps me injury free.

If you are a professional who wants to get your workout done early in the morning here are some simple tips-

- Make up your mind to train early. There is work/deadlines/pressure/friends and life in general always waiting for you. They are never going away unfortunately. Shut it all early the previous night if you have mentally decided to commit yourself to training.

- Find a training partner or a community of people you love to workout with. Nothing like having people around you, who inspire you to train and of course you will feel guilty if you bail out on your friend last minute, hence chances of making it for your workout are very high

- Try to keep your workouts short and hard. Rather than spending 2 hours in a gym with half the time spent walking in between machines, plan a quick 45 minute workout which is effective, saves time and is beneficial to your training goals as well. If you are a runner, use that short window of training to get a quick interval workout done which is critical for your progress and save the long, slow runs for the weekends.

-  Make sure you get a good post workout meal before you start your day at work. Once you head to work, you are likely to get busy and sucked into a hectic work day and lunch will probably be rushed and not very nutritious.

- Rearrange your work day or social life if you need to. Mark that hour of training in your Calendar as 'me' time. Working out is the easiest plan to cancel out on, as it mostly involves only your time, but make sure you don't stand up on that date you have made with your own body.

This might sound cliche but the truth is work/deadlines/kids/ family are never going away, but your life and health slowly will. Rearrange your daily schedule and make that little time for your training. Trust me, YOU definitely are worth it!

Soundarya Srinivasan

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Soundarya Srinivasan, a fitness professional with The Quad, co-runs her own jewellery brand 'Manjushaa', runs an NGO Shishu Shakthi. Half marathoner and mom of a energetic 5 year old.