When to wear Cotton vs GO-DRY sweat wicking apparel

Many newcomers to distance running and fitness often wonder what the best kind of fabric is for their training. When it comes to running, cross fit, outdoor training and gym, for optimum performance and breathability, the preferred fabric is a combination of moisture wicking and polyester. These fabrics ensure that the sweat does not weigh you down and evaporates faster from the apparel. For these activities, cotton often tends to get damp and heavy and clings to the body especially in humidity. This can affect your training and performance.

Below are some technical but useful information to help you select the right kind of fabric.

a)    Running – Light weight, moisture wicking, light to medium stretch if worn as a base layer product (like tights).  Silhouette cuts help prevent chaffing while having running motion and good breathability.

b)    Training – Moisture wicking, medium to heavy stretch with tighter fits for toning muscles and for breathability.

c)    Yoga – Cotton fabric is ideal for coolness, and a light stretch in the apparel is needed for being in synch with movements.