One of the best and simple ways to develop strength protocols is to work on individual body weight exercises. Here are the few ones to try out for the base level fitness enthusiast.

Figure 1 –Reverse pull up - This can be done on a TRX or with the barbell rod on a squat rack

Figure 2 - Single leg pistol squats - Squat down in one leg all the way down with the other leg out

Figure 3 – Medium stance push ups – Keep the arms out wider and push up! Ensure your chest almost touches the ground

Figure 4 – Lunges – These can be done with or without holding dumbbells.

Figure 5 – Tricep dips with legs outstretched on a box

Figure 6 – Squats with 90 degree sit



  • Good form is of paramount importance rather than focussing on the load one carries in the foundation phase

  • Progression Would Be according to each individual in tandem with the adaptation

  • Stability before Strength is the key in recruitment of muscle to fire in the correct sequence

  • Core Strength and stability is of utmost importance in execution and effectiveness of exercise movement and pattern

  • Alternate Between One Upper Body And Lower Body For Better Recovery


Ramji Srinivasan

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