3 essential warm up and cool down tips for the enthused runners

Strength and conditioning coach Shanker Basu advices aspiring amateur distance runners to pay close attention to the warm up and cool down to reduce chances of injury. Too many of us make the mistake of lacing up, starting our stop watches and running! Do you sometimes feel your calves stiffening up? Are the legs taking time to get into the run? Or do you finish a run and wake up stiff the next day?

These tips if followed diligently can really help you feel better on your runs and lessen the injury occurrences.

Warm up

1. Basu emphasizes on starting gradually - “First and foremost the best way to warm up for a run is to run at a lesser pace”.

2. Prior to the run he recommends mobility work for the hip flexors, hip extensors and the calf muscles.

3.Foam rolling before a run is also helpful.

Cool down

1. Basu believes that you want to bring down the heart rate gradually by breaking into a walk jog at the end of the run instead of abruptly stopping. Much like how you would slow your car down before parking.

2. A pool session is great to relax the muscles and joints.

3.Static stretches a while after completing the run, is also recommended

Shanker Basu

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Mr. Basu is the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Indian Cricket Team and the Trainer of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. He strongly believes that one-dimensional approach to health and fitness is not enough. As a Former Track and Field sprinter who has competed at International level, Basu has incorporated Training, Therapy, Nutrition and other Lifestyle Factors into fitness and presented the same as Primal Patterns, a Bespoke Personal Training Studio.