Athleisure is a state of mind.

Make that your mantra this year as you switch seamlessly between work, workout and chillout. With activewear that's simultaneously comfortable and chic, you find yourself completing your fitness goals easier and faster.

Here are some of the workout looks from our Autumn/Winter range of activewear with energetic colours and spunky prints.

Put together your workout outfit with training wear consisting of printed tights and a matching jacket, wrapped around the waist for an athleisure look.

Crop tops made with soft, cotton-blend fabric bring in consistent comfort and stretchability to your workout and yoga sessions. Layer your top with a jacket for an outdoor look.

Master the asanas with your soft, full-stretch tights. Pair it with a tee with contemporary colours and prints and you're set for the studio and the street.

Give a boost to your running and strength training sessions in a monochrome look where your training tights add the dash of colour!

Hit the road with a retro-inspired tank top and running shorts with tights. Designed for both indoor exercises and outdoor runs. Keep the sun out of your eyes with sleek fast-dry caps.