Back from his season ender at the Blanpain GT Series in China, Aditya (racer for Audi India Motor Sport) cuts a relaxed figure at home in Chennai as he brings in his off season. The relaxed demeanor is short lived when he is asked about his fitness trainer and upcoming training regimen. It is clear that he will be made to toil in order to be as well prepared as possible for his races starting in March.   

Just a month earlier, Aditya concluded a great 2017 on a bittersweet note losing out on the title in China by a single point! This was despite a double win in the same race weekend with his team mate Mitch Gilbert. Determined to continue the strong momentum into 2018, Aditya plans to get stronger and fitter physically through a combination of exercises with his personal trainer.

While Aditya certainly enjoys his downtime which includes surfing on his tablet, reading and catching up on sleep, he also enjoys a more active way of recovery and relaxation through cycling.

However, going for a light spin on the bike or a jog is hardly sufficient physical training for a professional sportsman. During season, Aditya hits the gym daily prior to a race. In the off-season, it can be up to twice a day.

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          - Weights

          - Explosiveness (box jumps)

          - Circuits (from his expression we learn that this is brutal!)

          - Cardio (running, cycling, rowing)

          - Core strengthening

          - Stretching

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In terms of his cardio training, Aditya blatantly prefers cycling to running but wishes to improve the latter. He ends up running more when he is abroad on races. Until he sets out for his next races in March, between training and sponsor commitments he has his schedule set.

Here’s to a great 2018 with many podium finishes!