The arc of any individual’s life isn’t really linear. It is full of ups and downs. So is mine. As someone who has never really quit any of my runs, I ended up quitting two events which were very close to my heart.

I was going through a groin injury for a while and it would start hurting whenever I would do my speed intervals. I decided to stop structured training for a few months, to see if the rest would help and chose to run by experience and feel. Despite the lack of systematic training, I still decided to go ahead with my decision of running the TWCM (Chennai Marathon) in December and the TMM (The Mumbai Marathon) in January with no training, just for the sheer thrill of it.

My approach happened to work this time. Instead of stressing about the lack of structure in my training and worrying about my injury, I became mentally free and ended up having a lot of fun. As a consequence, I did a sub-2 hour half marathon finish in both TWCM and TMM without too much effort. One takeaway from these two races were that while performance is important sometimes we overemphasize that and forget how much we enjoy running!

At TMM, the spirit of the city mesmerized me and I was stunned by the way people were cheering us all the way through. The locals hooting and the energetic band pumped me up. The initial 7 kms were in the Worli Sea- link. The breeze and the beauty of the place made it very special.

Another special aspect of TMM is that every individual, right from a 3 year old to an eighty year old becomes a part of it as cheer squads and bystanders supporting the runners. This energy is something that makes The Mumbai Marathon unique!

Keerthana Swaminathan

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Keerthana Swaminathan , Sports Psychologist from the Loughborough University UK, is a passionate long distance runner and​ cyclist who feels that running and cycling has brought about a  new dimension to her life. Her love for journaling is one of the reasons that she loves blogging, especially the things she loves in her life.  Her other passions include swimming and dancing.