Have you ever been guilty of having your hands in front of your chest while running? Have you stopped doing jumping jacks or jumps in general due to discomfort? Were you an awkward adolescent who didn’t know what to wear for your PT Class and sports meet? Did you keep away from high impact sports just to avoid excessive movement during play? Did you wear oversized t-shirts to reduce attention to your breasts while playing sports?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, join the club of ‘I struggle to find a sports bra’!

Not finding the right sports bra is one of the primary reasons a lot of women are self-conscious or keep away from high impact sports like running and sprinting. What most women don’t realize is that in addition to aesthetics and comfort, a perfectly fitting sports bra will help prevent breast injuries like muscle tears. Just as we injure our hands and legs while playing, breasts can also get injured due to lack of good support.

Below are some simple guidelines that will help you choose the right sports bra

# 1 No buying without trying

This is the golden rule of buying a sports bra. Jump, squat, run a few yards with it in the trial room or outside. Imitate the movement of the sports you play if you need to. (Don’t mind the stares of the other customers/salespeople)! Check if your breasts jiggle too much or if they feel too constrained. Finding the right size is half the battle, so don’t rush through the buying process.

GO-Dry sweat-wicking technology, Antibacterial, and Anti Odour finish. Removable cups & Broad underbust band for better grip.

# 2 Look for HIGH IMPACT sports bras with inbuilt cups

For high impact sports, go for ‘high impact’ (maximum support) sweat-wicking sports bras with the broad shoulder strap which gives full coverage and support and absorb sweat. The inbuilt cups will ensure there is no nipple showing and the go-dry will aid you in humid weather conditions.

# 3 Because you are worth it

The average cost of a sports bra ranges from Rs. 1500 - Rs. 3000. If you care enough to read this, you care enough to invest in the right choice. More than the price, think of this as an investment in your body, comfort and well being. A similar viewpoint to spending on medicines and supplements right? By avoiding working out in a regular bra or an ill-fitting sports bra, you are saving yourself a lifetime of medical, physical and mental complications.

 # 4 Double Bra for extremely busty women

If you are very busty(DD/DDD)  and feel uncomfortable even after wearing a high impact sweat-wicking sports bra, wear a medium impact bra over a high impact bra for more comfort. Make sure you are not overdoing this by wearing two high impact bras and struggling to breathe or feel constricted. 

GO-Dry sweat-wicking technology, Antibacterial, and Anti Odour finish. Medium impact bra. Racerback styling & Broad underbust elastic offers good grip.
Removable cups reflector branding.

So go ahead, spend time and invest in choosing the right bra. Your breasts will thank you! Always remember that a good sports bra is the key to moving well and feeling confident about your body.

Soundarya Srinivasan

Soundarya Srinivasan, a fitness professional with The Quad, co-runs her own jewellery brand 'Manjushaa', runs an NGO Shishu Shakthi. Half marathoner and mom of a energetic 5 year old.