Running is a perfect sport for individuals who love to explore and don’t mind exploring by foot. Since I love exploring and I also love to travel, I do most of the exploration when I travel, through running. Here is a gist of the routes that I find most enjoyable.

1. Madras - (Elliots beach - boat club - kotturpuram - Gandhinagar - Elliots beach)

A good 15 km stretch is what it is. Peaceful, quiet, safe and traffic free. When in Chennai, you might want to start your run from the Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar which leads to the avenue road. Avenue road is known for the flora and the beautiful sounds of the birds and the colourful butterflies. Running there makes one feel completely refreshed. This road leads the runner to the Adyar bridge, yet another beautiful place to run, especially if you reach there at around 5:30am, just in time to see the sun come out slowly. The road then leads to R.A Puram which in turn leads to Boat club.

Boat club is an amazing place to run, breathe fresh air and enjoy some traffic free and safe running time. One can usually see walkers and other runners here. Once you exit the boat club loop, the road leads to Kotturpuram park and the Kotturpuram road. It is a wide road and hence it is a delightful experience to run there. In this stretch, the runner would cross the famous Anna University, IIT and go towards Madhya Kailash which is yet another famous spot in Madras. On passing through Madhya Kailash, you could either go through the main road or through Gandhi Nagar (Same distance). Running through Gandhi Nagar would be similar to running in Avenue road and Boat Club road - extremely quiet and peaceful, loads of shade and plenty of trees and no traffic. On crossing Gandhi Nagar, you would find yourself getting back towards Avenue Road and then Elliots beach.

2. Bangalore - (Defence colony - Ulsoor lake - Defence colony)

There are quite a few places in Banglore which are beautiful to run in. But this one is my favorite because there are not many who run here. The defense colony in Indira Nagar is a quiet residential area, with perfect inclines and declines, and lots of shade and beautiful breeze. There are plenty of lovely dogs who don’t even disturb or bark while you run. When you come just outside defense colony, you might exit through the 80 feet road or the 100 feet road, but as you run towards the famous Ulsoor lake you would be covering a distance of 3-4 km. As you reach the Ulsoor lake, you would find yourself running amidst the army men who train there. Even better is the scenic view from the lake. As you finish a loop in the Ulsoor lake and get back to defense colony, you would have run a good 15 km. You can even take the double road while running towards Ulsoor.

3.Mumbai - Nariman point - Marine Drive

If you are in Mumbai and you don’t visit Marine Drive for a run, then it’s a pity! It is a beautiful 4km stretch from Nariman point to Marine drive where you can run along the waterline.  It is always bustling with people walking, running, or just catching up. Another plus is that it is a great place to watch the beautiful sun rise.  

4.Singapore - Bukat Timah

Whenever I travel to Singapore, I make sure I definitely go to Bukat Timah. It is a beautiful forest reserve with plenty of inclines and declines and a beautiful jogging path as well. Though it attracts plenty of tourists and runners, it is one of the most peaceful places. The flora and fauna of the place makes it even more special. Definitely a must run site if you are a nature lover.

5.UK - Loughborough - Nottingham - Loughborough

It is an amazing feeling to run from town to town and I guess it is possible only in a few places. One such place is this little town called Loughborough in UK, known for its sporting culture. For a perfect long run, I would run to Nottingham. Passing through the green fields and canals, I cannot describe that feeling in detail. Just watching two or three other runners in the route, and lost in thoughts and the silence, I think that route is by far the best running route I have encountered. Being a 20-22 km stretch, I would usually run to Nottingham and get back by public transport.

Keerthana Swaminathan

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Keerthana Swaminathan , Sports Psychologist from the Loughborough University UK, is a passionate long distance runner and​ cyclist who feels that running and cycling has brought about a  new dimension to her life. Her love for journaling is one of the reasons that she loves blogging, especially the things she loves in her life.  Her other passions include swimming and dancing.